All Booths will have a 10' maroon draped back and 3' draped sides.

If you require electricity please let us know in advance so that we can have it set up for you however you will need to bring your own extension cord. Please note adjacent single booths or sale bird tables cannot be purchased.

Vendor setup is from Friday 14, 3:00pm-8:00pm or Saturday 15, 7:00am-10:00am

Vendor Teardown will be Sunday 16, 3:30pm-5:00pm






*Book and pay for a single booth by July 1, 2022 and receive a discount, pay only $130

 Double Booth $350 receives free: 1/4 page B&W advertisment in show catalogue 

 Triple Booth $550 receives free: 1/2 page B&W advertisment in show catalogue

 Quadruple Booth $700 receives free: 1 page B&W advertisment  in show catalogue


**Please note all Show Booths must be paid by July 1, 2022 or they will be released for resale.




- Confirmed
- not confirmed

# Available for Sale

(configuration may change)


Size Booths 8 deep


Pay Online
1 Jimmy Tam Single Booth S1 * $140 PAID
1 Pete Van Erp Single Booth S2 * $140 PAID
1 Canada Canary Single Booth S3 * $140 PAID
1 Wings and Water Single Booth S4 * $140 PAID
1   Single Booth S5 * $140 PAID 
1 John Zerafa Single Booth S6 * $140 PAID
1 Walter Mak Single Booth S7 * $140 PAID
1 Jean Haddad Single Booth S8 * $140 PAID
1 Robert Larochelle Single Booth S9 * $140 PAID
1 Carlos de Sousa Single Booth S10* $140 PAID
1 Eastern Bird Sales Double Booth D1 ** $350 PAID
1 Arbutus Double Booth D2 ** $350 PAID
1 Ani-Mart Double Booth D3 ** $350 PAID
1 TT Pets Double Booth D4 ** $350 PAID
1   Double Booth D3 ** $350 Buy Booth 
1 Berton Seeds Triple Booth T1 ** $550 PAID
1 Crafted Tree Products Triple Booth T2 ** $550 PAID
1 Glitter Pets Triple Booth T3 ** $550 PAID
1 Aves Canada Hex Booth H1 ** $1050 PAID
1 Exotic Wings Hex Booth H2  ** $1050 PAID


Sale Bird Tables

We have improved the Sale Bird Table section and will only be having 12 tables for sales so you will need to buy your table early. This section is at the back of the Hall in the vendor section for sale to breeders and exhibitors.

The section will have 12 tables which are 2 x 4 in a booth that is 6 deep by 4 wide and separated by pipe and drape.

Each booth (4 x 6) will come with a table (2 x 4) and one chair.

The cost of the Sale Bird Table is $65, exhibitors & BFBS members $50 and you can have as many cages as will fit on the table, also please remember not to over fill the cages for the comfort of the birds, adjacent tables cannot be purchased. It is recommended that there be no more than 15 small birds per cage. Hookbills please match the bird to the cage.

You can purchase your Sale Bird Table below.



# Available for Sale

(configuration may change)


Size Booths 6' x 4'


Pay Online
1   Sale Bird Table SBT1 $65 Buy Booth
1 Robyn Elich Sale Bird Table SBT2 $65 PAID
1 Dale Vanclieaf Sale Bird Table SBT3 $65 Buy Booth
1 Faisal Hurmuzlu Sale Bird Table SBT4 $65 Buy Booth
1 Fred Gatto Sale Bird Table SBT5 $65 Buy Booth
1 Marco DaSilva Sale Bird Table SBT6 $65 Buy Booth
1 Tony Capone Sale Bird Table SBT7 $65 PAID
1   Sale Bird Table SBT8 $65 Buy Booth
1   Sale Bird Table SBT9 $65 Buy Booth
1   Sale Bird Table SBT10 $65 Buy Booth
1   Sale Bird Table SBT11 $65 Buy Booth
1   Sale Bird Table SBT12 $65 Buy Booth